Master Puzzlers' Club Membership

Picture of several different brands of puzzles, all stacked on a table.

Part of the puzzle borrowing library that our community brought to share at Puzzle Jam South 2023

Personalized keyfob for the Master Puzzlers Club member drive

We are making personalized member keyfobs during our Membership drive (ends July31st) -- so you will always have a "spare puzzle piece"!

Who is this Club for?

Why become a member?

What we want to GROW to

Send us your ideas to help us build out our puzzle club for and with our puzzle community to --

Become a Member

We will open our membership soon! Long story short, donate $55 or more over a year, and you will have access to all the membership benefits. We also have monthly Equity Pricing, with more details to come. 

Until then...

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