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People of all kinds and puzzles of all kinds gathering to connect, learn, and celebrate the rich diversity of our puzzling community!

Next Event: 

Greenville, South Carolina

September 5-7, 2025

Hey y'all! 

We are piecing together our Master Puzzlers' Club and you are invited!

Hop on our waitlist to to get all the deets, and first dibs for when we launch 🥰

Our Supporting Puzzle Organizations

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Our Awesome Community Sponsors

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We are just getting started, but still wanted to be like the cool kids and have tshirts + etc. available for our puzzle fans! 

Buy Your Own at our RedBubble shop for shirts, totes, puzzle leggings, and so much more....

Our Mission

Be the place that people of all kinds who love puzzles of all kinds can come together to connect, learn, and celebrate the richness that we each bring to the puzzling community.

Image provided by Tammy McLeod, borrowed from the 2022 Puzzle Parley.

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